The Best Zoos in Pennsylvania

Best Zoos

One of the states in the US with the highest population is Pennsylvania, commonly known as the Keystone State. Pennsylvania citizens may easily commute to other states like New York thanks to its position and offers both large city living and small-town charm. It has something for everyone, from the energetic city of Philadelphia to the picturesque farmlands of Lancaster. The cost of Philadelphia Houses for Sale is marginally higher than the national average but far lower than that of the nearby large cities, including New York and Boston.

Pennsylvania is the ideal place to go if your quest for happiness leads you to discover your favorite animal. The Keystone State is home to year-round zoo experiences that give people of all ages the chance to learn about animal conservation initiatives and get up-close encounters with wild animals. The state of Pennsylvania is home to some of the most distinctive animal exhibitions in the nation, ranging from modest village zoos to big, well-known sanctuaries.

The Pittsburgh Zoo

If you want to learn more about many species of both terrestrial and marine creatures, the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium are among the greatest zoos in Pennsylvania. The Wild Encounters attraction at the zoo is among its outstanding features. As you follow a member of the zoo’s trained staff, this raises the enjoyment and thrill of your visit to a whole new level. Since the tour allows visitors to view everything the trainer does and how the animals generally spend their days, you get to see the complete experience up close. 

The Philadelphia Zoo

One of our favorite zoos in Pennsylvania is the Philadelphia Zoo, which dates back to 1859 but didn’t formally open to the public until 1874. The Philadelphia Zoo, which is housed in the city’s Fairmount Park, is the habitat of roughly 1,300 animals from a wide range of species. You will undoubtedly have a nice time here because this zoo is frequently rated as one of the best in the nation. Their Zoo360 is the highlight. This special system of animal trails enables five distinct species to move through the zoo on both high and lowered tracks. 

Elmwood Park Zoo

The Elmwood Park Zoo is situated in Norristown, a suburb of Philadelphia. This Pennsylvania zoo is located in a lovely park with a lovely forested environment that gives the area a great vibe. There are many different creatures scattered across the area, including both typical zoo animals and some that are a little less common. Feeding the giraffes is both affordable and entertaining, and they are a particularly well-liked attraction close to the zoo’s entrance. At the zoo, there is also a wonderful holiday light show.


Hershey, Pennsylvania is the home of ZooAmerica. Either as a stand-alone attraction or as part of your Hersheypark admission ticket, you can go to the zoo. ZooAmerica, as the name suggests, showcases creatures that are native to the United States. The country has a wide range of wildlife, so even though tigers, elephants, and monkeys are not present here, it’s still a good place to visit them. Due to its size and accessibility to the animals, this zoo is a particularly pleasant place to visit with young children.

Lake Tobias

Located north of Harrisburg lies Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. Even though it’s not the biggest zoo in the state, it’s still a terrific place to go to see a wide range of species. When you take a safari excursion at Lake Tobias, you can view a lot of grazing animals with the freedom to roam a sizable fenced area. Even some animals will approach you and eat right from your hands!

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