Best Moving Checklist To Share with Your Buyers As A Realtor


Buying a new home is one of the most rewarding experiences. As a realtor, there is nothing better than scouring batch text messaging leads and finding the perfect home for a buyer. However, the home purchase is only part of the real estate journey. Once a person purchases a home, they have to move into it. While some might expect moving to be one of the most exciting parts of the process, they fail to realize how stressful it can become.

Moving out of an existing property is exhausting. You must pack up all your belongings and hope that you can find them once you are in the new house. While most people start packing with a plan, the plan goes out the window when they are faced with a time constraint. It is not long before delicate packing becomes panicked, with kitchen items finding their way into bedroom boxes, etc.

Realtors can help homebuyers with the moving process by keeping them informed of timelines and deadlines. They can also offer tips about moving professionals and techniques. One of the reasons a homeowner goes to a real estate agent is their expertise in all things moving.

What a Buyer Needs To Do Before Moving

Whether dealing with distressed seller leads or premium leads, a realtor can help a buyer understand what needs to be accomplished before they move. From financing to packing, a realtor should have tips to offer even the savviest homeowner. 

One thing most homebuyers fail to do is start packing early in the process. The minute you decide that you are ready to purchase a new home, you should begin packing. You want to pack away any nonessentials.

Take the time to organize the items. You want to label every box precisely, so you do not lose any items. For tech-savvy homebuyers, you can create a spreadsheet for each box. Number each box and itemize the items inside it. Creating a spreadsheet creates a searchable database. While it may seem like overkill, you will be grateful when you can search a spreadsheet for your lucky shirt rather than dig through countless boxes.

Helping Your Buyer Check Off Their List

While you might prefer wholesaling houses in California, most real estate agents are familiar with selling to interested homeowners, not investors. Most homebuyers will need help managing the moving process. To help your clients, consider providing them with a moving checklist. A typical checklist might include:

  • Hiring a reputable moving company
  • Ridding yourself of unwanted items
  • Packing with a system
  • Completing a change of address
  • Unpacking with a system
  • Securing your new home

Obviously, there are other items you can include with the list. As a real estate agent, you can customize your list to suit your clients.

Are you ready to work with homebuyers? If you need a little more time and help, contact an experienced realtor and seek mentorship. The realtor might have some tips and techniques you can share with prospective clients about moving.


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