Audio and Video Transcription Services: Is It worth the Try?

Audio and Video Transcription Services

Today, it’s common to see that most videos and audio come with closed captioning. These are created to make it easier for non-native speakers to understand what the audios and videos are all about. However, not everyone understands the importance of video and audio transcription, which is why we created this post. Let’s see some of the reasons you need audio and video transcription.

1. Easy Accessibility to Information

Most people make the common mistake of viewing videos as mere entertainment. They fail to realize that many lessons can actually be learned from watching and listening to these audios and videos. When closed captioning and transcription services are provided, it becomes easy for those who can’t speak or understand English to be able to view and read their content.

2. Translation of Content

Many individuals would like to watch and listen to audio and videos from other countries, but they don’t do so because they can’t understand the language. Closed captions and transcription help those who want to enjoy these contents to do so without having to wait for an English version.

3. Easier Learning Processes

For those who want to take online courses, it’s much easier when the contents come with transcription and closed captions. This makes it possible for such individuals to listen and read as they view their lessons, which allows them to learn at their own pace.

4. Accessibility to Individuals with Disabilities

Instead of forcing such individuals to stay away from the knowledge available in audio and video form, providing transcription and closed captions allows them to be part of the crowd and learn like everyone else does. Such individuals can also enjoy these videos and audios without necessarily having to ask other individuals to describe the contents for them.

5. It’s Not Only Legal, but Encouraged by Online Publishers

Major online publishers know that providing transcription and closed captions for their videos is necessary these days, not only because it is a legal requirement but it allows more people from different countries where English isn’t the primary language to enjoy their content.

6. Academic Purposes

It’s not uncommon for students who are taking online courses to be required to submit videos and audios as part of their academic requirements. Instead of letting them submit unedited audios, closed captions help teachers to know exactly what was said in the recording so they can grade them properly.

7. Learning What’s Really Being Said

As much as we want to believe that there are no errors in the videos and audios we listen to, it’s always best to make sure that you can fully understand what is being said. Closed captions help you by ensuring that you know every detail of what was said in the audio or video.

8. Proof of What Was Said

Closed captions also come in handy as means for those who want to use the audios and videos as evidence that a certain statement was made. If you have no proof of what was said, it can be a challenge convincing people of your point, but with closed captions, there is no room for questions about what was said.

9. Assistive Technology for Individuals with Disabilities

Those who are visually impaired can actually make use of closed captions to enjoy audio and videos by themselves. Closed caption feeds allow them to hear the audio as they read the transcribed version, which allows them to enjoy content like everyone else. There is a cause and effect relationship between closed captions and accessibility.

10. Online Media Platforms Are Encouraging the Use of Closed Captions

With many online media platforms encouraging their users to use closed captions, it has since become a great marketing strategy as well. YouTube allows creators to earn revenue from ads displayed on their videos with or without closed captions, but it’s best to make use of this feature if you want an edge over the competition.

Closing Thoughts

Closed captions and transcription were only necessary for a certain segment of the population that doesn’t speak English, but it’s transformed into a useful tool that benefits everyone. Having closed captions available allows you to have access to audios and videos from other cultures, learn new knowledge at your own pace, enjoy online courses without necessarily being able to ask questions and a lot more. GoTranscript is a platform that can help you with video and audio transcriptions services.


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